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Our service is aimed to automate routine operations that authors usually deal with while preparing various printed materials such as automated bibliography, UDC search, appropriate journal search for publishing, text verification, style analysis, list of the author’s publications, automated abstract formatting, appropriate articles quick search.

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Automatic bibliography creation

The application supports 7 standards, automatic records transliteration from Russian and Ukrainian into English etc., i.e. you get an opportunity to create bibliographic records using convenient template, to get one of the seven most common standards of bibliographic reference formatting, to export records to Microsoft Word and save all necessary entries to your personal repository.

List of existing standards

Here you can find a general description of the proposed standards for bibliographic references formatting:

Journals Search

Journals Search

Visual search of scientific journals on the world map

The "Database of Scopus and Web of Science Journal" application provides the access to the database of journals included into scientometric databases of Scopus and the Web of Science (about 20,000 journals) grouped by scientific fields and countries. The database allows to find the titles of the most appropriate (from their point of view) journals quickly and according to their publishing purposes. The cost of publications is indicated if it is possible. This database is also supplemented by specialized scientific journals from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, as well as countries of Central and Eastern Europe.







Search for journals in Scopus

Search for journals in the Web of Science


Create a list of publications

The application provides an opportunity to create and save a list of your scientific works for the purpose of reporting, as well as your achievements, awards, projects. The bibliographic list is created in the form of a spreadsheet that can be edited. You can also export the data to Microsoft Word.


UDC / LBC / JEL Search

The service is intended for standard document classification

The application provides an opportunity to find the necessary UDC index-code that corresponds to the subject of author’s scientific publication including it into the system of scientific works, as well as correctly determine the LBC code for publishing the work. In addition, the use of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) and the Library-Bibliographical Classification (LBC) is simple and convenient.

Text Analysis

The application currently includes style analysis, dictionaries, text cleaning, spell checking, uniqueness check and abbreviation list.

Text Style

Characteristic of an author's style

The service calculates a set of morphological and other linguistical attributes of a text. These attributes, in some way, characterize style of the text's author.

Recommender System

The application “Recommender systems for suitable articles search” allows you to find and rank articles that are analogous by title and abstract in a certain collection of documents quickly. The user has the opportunity to connect such databases of documents independently, taking into account the accepted rules and formats.

Coming soon
Recommender System

Abstracts templates

The application “Automated abstracts formatting for scientific articles” provides the most common templates that are used in various journals as well as the partial automation of their formatting during the abstracts preparation of the abstract of the article. These templates represent abstract samples of the leading scientific journals and publishing houses (universities). They summarize your paper's content for readers.

General rules for annotations compilation