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You have all your works at your fingertips anytime and anywhere in the world

The Catalog serves to store information about all your publications in one place. In order to access the main functions and add publications, you just need to log in (enter your account information in the login form). Subscribe to get access to create an unlimited number of cards. You can create cards for the following types of works:

  • a Thesis (dissertation);
  • an Electronic source;
  • a Book;
  • Guidelines;
  • a Monograph;
  • a Report;
  • a Patent;
  • a Practical work;
  • an Article;
  • a Study guide;
  • Conference Abstracts.

If you need to add a different type of work, just enter necessary name in the appropriate field. In addition to the type and title of the publication, you can add type of work, initial data, co-authors, date or a year, page count, and URL or DOI of the work.

The Catalog section simultaneously serves as a structured archive of your scientific works and portfolio. The entire list of publications can be downloaded as a table in the .doc format. The table has a simple but informative form, and it is suitable for all cases when you need to provide a list of your works.

What is the reason to create an archive of publications and portfolios on the 4author website?

The main advantage of our service over other publications storing methods is the access convenience. You no longer have to carry your personal computer with you in order to find a publication and share it with colleagues. It is enough to go to 4author website from any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet using Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla or any other browser in the private browsing (so that the authorization data is not saved if the computer or phone is borrowed one).

Go to, log in and click on the Catalog section. All your works will be displayed in a convenient sorted form. All that is left to do is to find the one you need, open its card, copy the URL/DOI of the publication and send it in e-mail, using Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, ICQ, or even SMS! Everything is plain and simple, and user-friendly.