American Academy of Sciences

Abstracts are to be prepared using standard PC-based MS Word software. Abstracts must be in English and cannot exceed one page. Use an 11-point serif font (e.g. Times New Roman) and leave 1-inch (2.5-cm) margins left, right, top, and bottom. Center the title (maximum 12 words, all-caps, bold type) at the top of the page. Leave a blank line before beginning the author list, which also is to be centered.

If several authors are from one organization, save space and make the list easier to read by grouping authors so that the organization need to be typed only once. After each author or group of authors, use parentheses to enclose their affiliation - employer (first level only - omit division, department, etc.), city, state/province (if applicable) and country.

Bold and italicize the name of the presenting author.

Leave a blank line after the authors and then begin the text, typing it single-spaced and justifying only the left margin. Leave one blank line between paragraphs; do not indent paragraphs.

Abstracts should be written in a letter-only manner.

Do not use sub-title, figure, table and any non-letter content.

American Academy of Sciences