GSA Style

GSA style was developed by the American Geological Society

Citation rules:
  • The citation section should contain a list of all references that are mentioned in the text, images, signatures, tables and appendices
  • Do not quote materials that have not been published, prepared, submitted, criticized or reviewed
  • Citation of materials prior to their publication in open sources is also prohibited
  • There should be a sorting by the name of the author in the citation section (at the end of the article). In the case of two authors sorting occurs first by the first author and then by the second. If there are three or more authors sorting is done according to the first then to the second and then to the third etc.
  • The list of authors should be reduced to the name of the first author “et al” for the links involving more than 10 authors. It is necessary to include all their names and the rest should be reduced to “and others.” if there are scientific leaders in this list
  • Indicate the names of magazines and book publishers. It is necessary to indicate the city of books publication
  • Include DOI numbers, if any
  • You must indicate at the end of the link the month and year of access to the site in brackets for the links to the websites


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Serial / journal article (print)
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Electronic resource (remote access)
The Seismogenic Zone Experiment (SEIZE): Science plan. MARGINS [online]. 1999 [accessed July 2001]. Available from: html