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The service of article scientific assessment helps in writing the best scientific papers

In the process of article preparing for publication many researchers are faced with the question and assignment how to perform a qualitative analysis and discussion of their work after it has been written and before sending it to the publisher.

Semantic integrity, validity of conclusions and correct format (design) are only a part of the criteria that are necessary for a detailed analysis of an article prepared for publication in the journal. And, of course, we should not forget about the requirements for the laconic presentation of the material. The review is an example of the research work analysis.

The review is a survey and critical analysis of a scientific text. The review procedure is aimed at an objective assessment of the semantic component of a scientific article. It also focuses on such aspects as the article compliance with the journal requirements and assumes its analysis for mistakes and drawbacks. It is important to emphasize that the review must present the results and findings clearly and accurately - a good journal article must follow a strict set of rules.

Criteria for a scientific article evaluation

The analysis of scientific articles is the objectivity assessment of the presented research. Thereby, the plan for the scientific article analysis should begin with its detailed study. In order not to miss important points in the analysis process, it is recommended to use the next criteria template as a sample:

  • Title of the article, authorship, publisher information (where and by whom the article was published; the journal indexing where the article is published).
  • The relevance of the research (social and scientific relevance of the article subject).
  • Novelty (potential contribution of the data presented in the article to science, analysis of data significance).
  • Style (article compliance with the requirements of the scientific style as a whole: language (stylistics, use of terms, phrases and clichés, i.e. the way the author communicates with the audience); the structure and the length of the paper; evidential base; correctness of References formatting).
  • Review of the scientific literature used (correspondence of sources to the subject (topic) of the article).
  • Representativeness of facts (relevance of data).
  • Theoretical and practical value of the research (approbation of research results).
  • Reasonableness of conclusions (correspondence of conclusions to facts and research subject).

How to evaluate a publication correctly

Guidelines for scientific article evaluation involves several steps:

  • A close reading and studying of the article;
  • An article brief description writing according to the key requirements of scientific article writing. It is critically to pay attention to the presence of problem areas, the quality of argumentation and formulations, that is, to highlight the positive and negative aspects of the study;
  • Thesis writing of the article main part, where an unbiased assessment of scientific research is given. Thesis should be reasoned.

You should also pay attention to such aspects as:

  • You should abstract your mind from your subjective opinion. The text of the article should be re-read in order to get a sense of the meaning and understand the structure of the study and its logic;
  • The unity of the title and content of the article. It is better to start the analysis with a brief description of the available data;
  • The quality of the article informativeness, which means the existence of scientific facts and their authoritativeness; it is not enough when only the author's personal thoughts without expert confirmed opinion are formulated in the text;
  • The structural coherence of the presentation and the phasing approach in the process of considering the subject is directly related to the perception of the text by the reader and makes it possible to qualitatively analyze scientific research.

Service using for a scientific article analysis

Our article review service is a good tool for scientific assessment of an article. This service is developed in order to analyze a scientific publication, the usefulness of the material presented in it, semantic completeness, which will have an impact on the result and provide a well-formatted and qualitative article.

With the benefit of such a service, it becomes possible to find those weak points in the study that need to be revised and corrected. After elimination of these mistakes through the use of this service, you will get a perfect text of high quality and send it to the journal publisher.

In order to get a scientific assessment in automatic mode, you need to answer 20 questions. Answers are given according to a uniform template; you check the article for compliance with all quality criteria, using a five-point scale. Finally, the tool will give the score points for your text (100 points score is maximum). The result can be detailed by five categories and you can see the score for each of them (from 0 to 20) that your text got in five categories:

  • Empirical support;
  • Conceptual modeling;
  • Expository/explanatory logic;
  • Conclusions and practical application;
  • Communication quality.

If it is necessary, this data will help you to improve quality, apply other methods to improve work efficiency and create a truly useful, innovative, and most significantly readable article that is worth of publishing in the best scientific journals in the world.