Emerald Publishing Requirements


The maximum words number for the abstract is 250 words (no less than 900 typographical units but no more than 1800 typographical units including spaces)

The abstract should consist of:

  • The Tasks that mean the goals of your scientific research. What is your work written for?
  • The Model that means methodology and scientific approaches
  • The Conclusions that mean the main results of scientific research
  • The framework of the study / The possibility of using the results that means the direction of further research and what necessary is to change in the methodology.
  • Practical significance that means the importance of the work results in practice. Verification of "what's in the result?".
  • Social consequences (if any) that mean influence on society / politics
  • Originality / Value is very important. What does your research work bring to the field of knowledge?
  • What is its value in this context?

Keywords and phrases (no less than 3, but not more than 8)

The title of the article, the abstract, keywords and information about the author(s) are provided in Ukrainian and Russian.

The article should consist of:

  • UDC
  • The title
  • Author's(-s') full name (surname and initials)
  • The text of the article
  • References
  • Bilingual Abstracts (including author's (-s') full name and the title)
  • Author affiliation
  • Author's(-s') full name in English in accordance with an official document (for example, international passport)
  • The text: "This article was not previously published or sent to other publishers"