GOST. How to write an abstrcat of the scientific article


The abstract should represent the content and main results of your article but it can't be its introduction or conclusion. Author's abstract of the article or project is a brief description of the work that includes the following main sections of the article:

  • relevance (the importance of the research problem or the project);
  • Problem statement (that should be solved in the research project or article)
  • Solution approaches (specific steps aimed at solving the existing problem)
  • Results (quantitative or qualitative research results)
  • conclusions (indicate implementation of the results of the study; to what extent the work has broadened existing ideas about the issue under study or proposed a new solution to the existing problem).

Write one to two sentences summarizing each section of your paper.

According to GOST the recommended average words number for the abstract is 500 typographical units. (The requirements of Russian journals for words number of the abstract are 150-200 words)

Use the past tense in abstracts to the articles and studies.

The abstract should be written in a simple manner. It should be understandable to specialists in a particular field of knowledge. It is recommended to use common terms as well as to avoid unnecessary details and specific figures, formulas. It is desirable to avoid the citations and to use generalizing formulations in the abstract.

Keywords (5-6 words) are necessary for search systems and classification of articles by themes